Is paper pipette more environmentally friendly than plastic one?

A: The pollution of plastic products to the environment is mainly due to the large use and low recovery value, so the recovery is small, easy to leak into the environment, which has an impact on marine life and environment. The paper straw is used as an alternative to solve this problem. Because the degradation rate of paper in natural environment is faster than that of plastic, the pollution to the ocean will be less if it leaks into the environment. However, there should be a standard for paper pipettes. Some are made of composite materials, such as paper + coating, and so on, their biodegradability will be discounted. Therefore, we suggest that we should use less straw if not necessary, whether it is paper or plastic. Before using it, ask yourself: am I not using it or not? Q: Is it not necessary to worry about pollution and use it without any control with degradable plastic straw? A: The raw material of degradable plastics is corn and other food crops. Uncontrolled use will cause food waste. In addition, the safety of degradable plastic components is not higher than that of traditional plastics. Many degradable plastic bags are easy to break and not durable. For this reason, some producers will add various additives, which may have a new impact on the environment. So instead of using degradable plastic products, reducing the use of disposable products may be a simpler and effective way to avoid side effects. Q: What about the poor quality of paper suction pipe? Is there any other solution? A: Plastic limiting is not used without plastic, but for disposable and health risk plastic products. If you have a lot of traditional plastic straw in your house, you can use them as durable goods for a long time, and save a paper straw for the tea shop. Plastic straw can be recycled, in fact, it is more environmental protection than the paper straw thrown once! Q: What kind of garbage does degradable plastics belong to after the classification of garbage is implemented? A: In Europe and America, under the condition that classified collection and composting are ensured at the back end, it can be classified as compostable garbage or can be put together with food waste. In the classification guide issued by most cities in China, it is not recyclable. Shanghai classified it as dry waste, and Beijing and other cities as other wastes. Therefore, some experts suggest that the promotion of degradable plastic products should not be carried out step by step, on the other hand, the construction of treatment capacity should be actively expanded.

The paper cup machine should not use disposable paper cup to fill the water as far as possible

Try not to use disposable paper cup to hold boiling water. In order to prevent water penetration, the inner wall of the paper cup is coated with a thin layer of wax. If the water temperature exceeds 40 ℃, this layer of wax will melt. Therefore,

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June 2019 China Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition China Excellent Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition on June 19-21, 2019 Zhejiang Hangao Machinery Co., Ltd. invites you to visit the processing and packaging exhibition Exhibition number: 7K25 June 19-21, 2019, National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

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April 2019 China International Color Box Exhibition China International Color Box Exhibition, 8-11 April 2019 Zhejiang Hangao Machinery Co., Ltd. Exhibition number: E6C105 Shanghai New International Expo Center

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